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GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals

Welcome to GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals, where we are dedicated to providing quality pharmaceutical products and services to the people of Nigeria. Established in 2019, our vision is to run retail outlets across the country, ensuring that essential medications are always readily available.

Duties of GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals

We operate with integrity and uncompromising standard

Supplying Medications

GUDEMA pharmaceutical shop ensures a consistent stock of various medications, providing customers with access to a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products.

Prescription Filling

The shop diligently fills prescriptions accurately and efficiently, ensuring that customers receive the prescribed medications in a timely manner.

Patient Counseling

GUDEMA pharmaceutical shop offers expert advice and guidance to customers, providing detailed information on medication usage, potential side effects, and precautions to ensure safe and effective use.

Health Screening Services

The shop may provide health screening services, such as blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose testing, or cholesterol checks, assisting customers in monitoring their health status and promoting wellness.

Home Delivery

GUDEMA pharmaceutical shop may offer home delivery services for customers who are unable to visit the store in person, ensuring their medications reach them conveniently and promptly.

Health Education

In addition to medication-related services, GUDEMA pharmaceutical shop may engage in health education initiatives by organizing workshops or distributing educational materials, empowering customers with knowledge on various health topics and promoting preventive healthcare practices.

About us

Welcome to GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals

Our journey began with a heartbreaking incident in 2018. A young pregnant lady fell ill and was admitted to the hospital at night. Unfortunately, she lost consciousness and urgently needed a specific drug to aid her condition. Her husband, desperate to find the medication, drove around in search of an open pharmacy, but to his dismay, all were closed. Tragically, before 5:00 am, he lost his beloved wife. Driven by their deep love and the desire to prevent such a devastating loss for others, he vowed to establish a pharmacy with 24-hour operations across the entire country. And so, GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals was born.

Our purpose is clear - to make pharmaceutical products available at all times, ensuring that no one ever has to go through the pain of losing a loved one due to unavailability of essential medication.


Frequently asked questions

Why was GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals founded?

GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2019 after a young pregnant lady lost her life due to the unavailability of a necessary drug during a medical emergency. Her husband established the pharmacy to ensure that such situations could be avoided in the future.

What is the main goal of GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals?

The main goal of GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals is to provide 24-hour pharmacy services across Nigeria, ensuring that people have access to necessary medications at any time.

What products does GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals offer?

GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and healthcare essentials.

Does GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals provide delivery services?

Yes, GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals provides delivery services to ensure that customers can receive their medications at their doorstep.

How can I contact GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals for further inquiries?

For any further inquiries, you can reach out to GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals through this official website or visit any of their retail outlets across Nigeria.

Are the pharmacists at GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals licensed and qualified?

Yes, all pharmacists at GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals are licensed and qualified professionals who ensure the safe and appropriate dispensing of medications.

Can I purchase medications online from GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals?

Currently, GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals operates only through physical retail outlets. However, there are plans to introduce online purchasing options in the future.

Are the medications at GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals affordable?

GUDEMA Pharmaceuticals strives to offer competitive prices for its medications, making them affordable for the general public.


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